For the past 5 years Octopus Red has worked with several of the area’s Museums & Galleries and one singular thing always presented itself, “why don’t people know these spaces are here?”. In 2015 after realizing some amazing results in branding and marketing some of the area’s larger cultural venues it struck us that we could do more for the entire art community. As a creative firm we appreciate the Arts and feel its our responsibility to shed a spot light on these fantastic spaces. And the Brant Museum Crawl was born. A philanthropic endeavour that seeks to be the largest one week event in Brantford/Brant County. Bringing our expertise in design, marketing and advertising our goal is to integrate the event in the coming years into the city’s event calendar, school board excursions and highlighting a much needed awareness to the local art scene.

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It’s the key to combining winning strategies, branding identities and public relations. Whether you are starting a new business, have an existing business, are showcasing a not-for-profit initiative or introducing a new product or service; you have a specific marketing need, we will help you cultivate that idea and further your success.

Octopus Red is an agency in every sense of the word. Full service. interactive and accountable. Every detail we touch must bring your needs full cycle. From logo design to marketing strategies, Octopus Red will walk you through the process of building and maintaining your promotional programs to help you grow your business or organization.

At Octopus Red, our clients are supported by a team of writers, photographers, film makers, graphic designers, web developers, printers and marketing experts that know how to package your needs into presentable, desirable and successful campaigns.

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